The NTA’s Interactive Reports aim to provide concise, relevant and reliable data on the national Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system. Our labour market reports and general TVET research studies have been published here in the form of Interactive Reports.   

What are Interactive Reports?

Interactive Reports are digital reports created using business intelligence software. This allows users to interact with the reports by clicking on visualisations and choose the way they want to view and understand the information being provided.





Labour Market (Supply Side)


This dashboard contains information on the current supply of labour, which can be used by employers, job seekers, students, and the general community to better understand the existing labour supply and skills development options in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to view report.

How can I start using the Interactive Reports?

Although each Interactive Report has its own Instruction Guide, we have provided a short tutorial video below to help you navigate and engage with our Interactive Reports.


TVET Research Reports

National TVET Perception Report


The National TVET Perception Survey measured the awareness and perceptions of TVET and the National Training Agency among the general public in Trinidad and Tobago. Click here to view report. 


National Training Needs Assessment for TVET Instructors 


The National Training Needs Assessment of TVET Instructors in 2020 identified critical gaps in teaching and assessment competencies among TVET Instructors. Click here to view report. 

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