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>>  OJT Orientation - Minister Karim Launches ID for OJT

>>  Minister Karim: 1000 Jobs for our Graduates

>> RRW Consultations

>> Life Skills Day 2015

>> Minister Karim opens MTEST One

>> NTA establishes partnership with ECITB - UK

>> The National Training Agency Awards Centre Approval to the TTPSA

>> Minister Karim Responds to UWI Impasse



>> NTA 15th Anniversary Service Award Ceremony

>> National Consultation Blueprint

>>NTA Strategic Staff Retreat - 2014

>> Minister Karim extends Workforce Development through Private Sector Partnership 

>> MTEST Launches its National Consultation 

>> Public Invitation to A National Consultation 2015-2025

>> Minister Karim Responds to the demands of the Energy Sector 

>> NTA Answers the call of the Financial Services Sector 

>>  Responding to the Labour needs of the Health Sector

>> Meeting the Demands of Workforce 

>> NTA Staff Development Day

>> Responding to the Labour needs of the Health Sector

>> SkillsTNT

:: NTA launches website to help citizens hire dependable help

:: SkillsTNT - Trinidad and Tobago Market place

:: Launch of SkillsTNT

>> Meet the Ministry - An Opportunity for Interaction with the Minister

:: Meet the MTEST Ministry flyer

:: Meet the Ministry 2014 

>> Register Your Business with the OJT

>> MTEST Administrative Complex

>> Hair & Beauty Trade Show

>> Worldskills TT Hairdressing Competition

>> Service Learning & Community Engagement Fair

>> Occupational Standards for Public Review

>> National District Career Fair 2014

>> NTA and OJT Change of Address

>> OJT Global Launch

>> OJT Global Increase

>> OJT New Headquarters Launch

>> WASA Plumbers Receive CVQ Certification

 >> Job Reports

 >> ILO Conference

:: 41st Technical Committee Meeting ILO/Cinterfor

:: ILO/Cinterfor Committee Members

:: ILO/Cinterfor Signs Agreement with the NTA



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