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Insulation is a specialised trade that is utilized in several sectors across Trinidad and Tobago. Insulation systems can protect the environment, equipment and personnel, reduce noise, reduce energy and operating costs and increase process efficiency.  

Generally, an Insulator’s role covers a range of activities; from fitting insulation system to pipework, equipment and structures; installing cladding over insulation to prevent mechanical damage to the insulation and ingress of moisture referred to as ‘controlling ‘corrosion under insulation’ (CUI). Inspection, removal and maintenance of insulated systems are carried out as instructed. The insulation team should be aware of health and safety requirements to prevent damage to equipment, the environment and injury or fatalities. 

In addition, the Insulator’s role covers the knowledge and understanding of applicable regulations, standards, equipment and systems, physical sciences, engineering principles and efficiency and environmental safety. Essential competencies include communicating effectively with employees, estimating jobs, as well as supervising and managing the insulation team. 

Insulation provides a rewarding career, with highly transferable skills that can be utilized in the energy, construction, maritime and various other sectors. As an Insulator practitioner you can grow as a professional and develop your career with training and clear progression pathways or may also be self-employed.












23 January 2015