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Scaffolding is a specialised trade that is commonly utilized in several sectors across Trinidad and Tobago. Scaffolding systems are temporary, elevated structures used to reach higher working levels and support work crews to work safely at heights in construction, renovation and maintenance projects. 

Generally, the Scaffolding employee’s role covers a range of activities which includes interpreting blueprints and work orders, delivering scaffolding materials to sites, erecting, modifying, inspecting as well as dismantling scaffolds on completion of a job. The scaffolding team should be aware of scaffold safety requirements to prevent injury and deaths.

In addition, the scaffolding professional’s role covers the knowledge and understanding of applicable regulations, standards, equipment and systems, physical sciences, engineering principles and mandatory requirements for scaffold systems. The role is recognized by a professional organization or an accredited community of practice.

Scaffolding provides a rewarding career, with highly transferable skills that can be utilized in the energy, construction, maritime and various other sectors. As a Scaffolder, you can grow as a professional and develop your career with training and clear progression pathways.



Apprentice/ Semi Skilled Skilled / Craftsman Technician / Supervisory Professional/ Managerial Chartered Professional / Managerial


22 January 2015